Water Soluble Fertilizer Production Line


Water Soluble Fertilizer Production Line Introduction

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Raw Material:

Elemental water-soluble fertilizer, humic acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer


Making Water Soluble Fertilizer

A water soluble fertilizer production line is a set of equipment used to manufacture water soluble fertilizers that dissolve easily in water and provide essential nutrients to plants. The production line typically includes several key components such as a mixer, a crusher, a granulator, a dryer, a cooler, a screening machine, a packing machine, and a control system.

Water Soluble Fertilizer Production Line Mchine


A water-soluble fertilizer production line typically consists of several machines designed for specific processes. Here are some key machines commonly used in a water-soluble fertilizer production line:

  1. Crusher or Grinder: This machine is used to crush or grind solid raw materials into smaller particles, facilitating their dissolution in water.

  2. Mixer: A mixer is employed to blend and homogenize the various fertilizer ingredients, ensuring a uniform composition.

  3. Batch Reactor or Dissolving Tank: This equipment is used to dissolve the solid ingredients in water, forming a concentrated fertilizer solution.

  4. Filter or Sieve: A filter or sieve is utilized to remove any impurities or solid particles from the concentrated fertilizer solution, ensuring a clear and clean solution.

  5. Storage Tanks: These tanks are used to store the concentrated fertilizer solution before further processing or packaging.

  6. Fertilizer Injector or Proportioning System: This machine is used to accurately measure and inject the concentrated fertilizer solution into irrigation systems, ensuring proper dilution and application to plants.

  7. Drying Equipment (optional): In some cases, a drying system may be included to remove excess moisture from the fertilizer solution, producing solid granules or powder.

  8. Packaging Machine: This machine is used to package the final water-soluble fertilizer product into bags, containers, or other suitable packaging formats.

Raw Materials​ for Water Soluble Fertilizer Production Line


The formula of water-soluble fertilizer generally uses 3-10 raw materials, and appropriate raw materials and quantities should be selected according to the actual needs.

Water soluble fertilizer solid raw material

  • Nitrogen fertilizer: phosphorus nitrate, diammonium hydrogen phosphate, urea, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate, ammonium bicarbonate
  • Phosphate fertilizer: industrial grade monoammonium phosphate, industrial grade diammonium phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, ammonium polyphosphate.
  • Potassium fertilizer: potassium nitrate, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate.
  • Calcium fertilizer: calcium ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate, etc.
  • Organic water soluble fertilizer raw materials: amino acid, fulvic acid, potassium fulvic acid, sodium humic acid, sodium alginate, chitosan, etc.
  • Medium elements: calcium, sulfur, silicon fertilizer, domilon silicon potassium fertilizer, etc

Liquid water soluble fertilizer raw material

  • Nitrogen fertilizer: liquid urea, liquid ammonium polyphosphate, etc
  • Potassium fertilizer: liquid potassium nitrate, domilon pure potassium fertilizer, etc
  • Phosphate fertilizer: liquid ammonium polyphosphate, phosphate liquid, etc
  • Organic liquid: liquid amino acid, liquid humic acid, liquid alginate, etc
  • Weight elements: calcium sugar alcohol, Domilon liquid silicon fertilizer
  • Trace elements: ammonia copper, fluid zinc, fluid magnesium, fluid boron, etc

Water Fertilizer Production Process

  1. feeding, ingredients——According to the automation degree of production line equipment, it can be directly put into the mixer after the ratio of raw materials is good manually, or it can be put into the mixing bin first, and then the system will automatically put into the mixer according to the formula. The former is a semi-automatic production line, the equipment cost is lower, but the labor cost is higher. The latter is a fully automatic production line, the equipment cost is higher, but basically do not need manual assistance.
  2.  Crush and mix——Water-soluble fertilizer products are mixed with a variety of raw materials. Some raw materials are granular and need to be crushed into powder. The raw materials need to be crushed first go into the crusher, and then enter the mixer and other raw materials to mix and stir after crushing.
  3. packaging, palletizing——The finished products in the mixer enter the finished product warehouse for temporary storage. The quantitative packaging machine is connected below the finished product warehouse, and packaging is carried out according to the set weight specifications. The semi-automatic production line requires manual bagging, and the packaging machine automatically feeds the material, and automatically drops the bag after the feeding is completed, and then it is manually sealed. Automatic production line can automatically bagging, automatic transportation, automatic sealing, of course, is the need for additional equipment, the cost will be relatively high, suitable for high yield demand fertilizer enterprises.


Other Fertilizer Making Equipment


Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Organic fertilizer production line converts natural organic materials into high-quality fertilizers through composting, granulating, and packaging.


Fertilizer Crusher

An organic fertilizer crusher is a machine that crushes organic raw materials into small pieces to facilitate further processing in the production line.


Fertilizer Mixer

An organic fertilizer mixer is a machine that blends organic materials and other components together in a uniform manner, creating a high-quality fertilizer mixture for use in farming or gardening.


Fertilizer Granulator

An organic fertilizer granulator is a machine that transforms organic raw materials into uniform, spherical granules, which are easier to handle, transport and store.


Fertilizer Drying Cooling Machine

An organic fertilizer drying cooling machine is used to remove excess moisture from organic fertilizer granules and cool them to a suitable temperature for storage and transportation.


Automatic Fertilizer Packing Machine

An automatic fertilizer packing machine is used to automatically weigh, fill, and pack organic fertilizer into bags, improving efficiency and reducing labor costs in the production process.

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