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Production process of pig manure organic fertilizer

Pig manure organic fertilizer is a type of organic fertilizer that is made from the waste excreted by pigs. Pig manure is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are essential nutrients for plant growth. Organic fertilizer made from pig manure is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers, as it does not contain harmful chemicals that can harm soil and water.

Pig manure pretreatment

Fresh pig feces can not be fermented directly due to its high water content, heavy viscosity and poor air permeability. Proper pretreatment should be carried out before fermentation. Generally, mechanical dehydration can be used to reduce the moisture content of pig manure to less than 80%, and then appropriate amount of straw, straw, wood chips, mushroom residue, wheat bran, rice husk and other auxiliary materials can be added. Chicken manure can also be mixed to regulate the moisture, ventilation and carbon nitrogen ratio, so that the water content of pig manure is controlled at about 60% (the specific material ratio shall be subject to the actual situation). This process not only prepares pig manure for subsequent fermentation, but also reduces the possibility of foul odor from anaerobic fermentation of pig manure.

If dehydrating equipment is not available, fresh pig manure can be stored on the pretreatment site for a period of time (5-7 days) and then set aside. Parameters to be controlled for pretreatment of pig manure before fermentation: water content of materials to be fermented should be controlled at about 60%; Carbon nitrogen ratio between 30 and 40 (can be adjusted by auxiliary materials); Adjust the pH of pig manure to about 7.5 (superphosphate can be used).


Pig manure compost fermentation

Modern aerobic composting technology can be divided into turning strip composting, ventilation static composting, fermentation tank (pool) composting and silo composting. The trough type mechanical rollover fermentation composting process has the advantages of small area, high composting efficiency, high accumulation of fermentation materials, large rollover yield, material rollover, etc. Solar composting workshop has good heating and thermal insulation effect and control function, composting fermentation will no longer be affected by wind, rain and snow and other bad weather.

Production process of pig manure organic fertilizer

  1. The qualified raw materials of decomposed pig manure are sent into the belt silo scale by the loader;
  2. transfer to the blade type grinder grinding;
  3. conveying to the rolling vibration screen machine sorting raw materials;
  4. Transfer to the closed mixer and mix the supplementary nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter and other raw materials evenly;
  5. Transfer to powder automatic scale for weighing, packaging and storage.


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