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New Type Vertical Crusher

Production Capacity: 8-15t/h

Matching Power: 22kw

Applicable Materials: It can be used for the final crushing of various materials such as mixture, gypsum, coal gangue, slag, copper ore.


Product introduction

The new type vertical crusher is a kind of adjustable crusher machine without screen cloth designed on the basis of absorbing the advanced fine crushing equipment in domestic and abroad. It is one of the equipment that can widely used in organic fertilizer crushing.

Performance characteristics

  1. Especially for high moisture material, it has strong application and is not easy to block, and the material discharging is smooth.
  2. Crushing blade adopts special material, and service life is triple times than other crusher machine.
  3. It has high crushing efficiency; being equipped with observation window makes the wearing parts finish replacement in 10 minutes.

Working principle

The structure consists of the lower frame, the casing, the upper and lower shaft seats, the main shaft, the hammer head, the hammer bracket, the pulley, the motor frame, etc. The power is driven by the triangle belt to rotate the main shaft, and the main shaft has two upper and lower bearing seats, and the bearing seat is installed.  At the upper end and the lower end of the casing, the casing assembly is mounted on the lower frame. The main shaft is provided with a hammer head and a hammer head bracket, and the feeding hopper is installed on the upper part of the casing. In order to facilitate loading and unloading the hammer head, a valve is opened on the casing, which is convenient.  Disassembly and repair.

Advantages of the vertical crusher: The inner wall of the machine casing is made of polypropylene lining, which relieves the problem of sticking walls and difficult to clean. The chain cutter head is made of special steel and can effectively improve the production efficiency.

Product Parameter

ModelPower (kw)Production Capacity (t/h)Inlet Size (mm)Dimensions (mm)


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