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Groove Type Compost Turner

Production Capacity:  10-20t/h

Matching Power:  18.5kw

Applicable Materials: Commercial composting, Agricultural production, Waste management, Landscaping and gardening:

Product Introduction: Groove type compost turner is a machine used for turning and mixing organic materials during the composting process. It is designed with grooves or channels along a long horizontal bed, and as the machine moves forward, it lifts and tumbles the compost material to mix it and provide aeration.


Product introduction

Groove type compost turner is a machine used in the process of composting organic materials, such as food waste, yard waste, and livestock manure. It is designed to mix and aerate the compost material, which helps to speed up the composting process and produce high-quality compost.

Product advantage

  1. Faster and more efficient composting: Groove type compost turners can significantly speed up the composting process by providing proper mixing and aeration. This results in a higher quality compost in a shorter amount of time.
  2. Increased microbial activity: The mixing and aeration provided by the groove type compost turner promotes the growth of aerobic microorganisms, which are necessary for the composting process.
  3. Improved compost quality: The even distribution of heat and moisture throughout the compost pile helps to produce a more uniform and consistent compost, with fewer odors and pathogens.
  4. Reduced labor costs: The machine can handle large volumes of organic material and significantly reduce the labor required for manual compost turning, making it a cost-effective solution for commercial composting operations.
  5. Environmental benefits: Composting organic waste reduces the amount of waste going to landfills, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution. Additionally, using compost as a soil amendment or fertilizer reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Working principle

  • The working principle of a groove type compost turner is to mix and aerate organic materials during the composting process. The machine is typically built with a long horizontal bed, which has grooves or channels designed to hold the compost material.
  • The machine moves along the bed of the grooves, lifting and tumbling the compost material to mix it and provide aeration. The turning and mixing action helps to distribute moisture and oxygen throughout the compost pile, promoting the growth of aerobic microorganisms and accelerating the composting process.
  • The temperature and moisture levels within the compost pile are important factors in the composting process, and the groove type compost turner helps to regulate these factors by providing proper aeration and mixing. The heat generated by the composting process is also evenly distributed throughout the pile, promoting the growth of thermophilic microorganisms that help to break down the organic matter.
  • The machine can be operated manually or automatically, and can be adjusted to control the speed and depth of the turning action, depending on the specific composting requirements. Automatic safety features are also often included to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Product Parameter

ModelMotor Power(kw)Working Speed(m/h)Unload Speed(m/h)Turning Width(mm)Max Turning Height(mm)


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