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Double Roller Extrusion Granulator

Production Capacity: 1ton/h

Matching Power: 11kw

Applicable Materials: Ammonium bicarbonate, urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride.


Product introduction

This fertilizer granulator  is a new type of granulator for organic fertilizer after many improvements on the basis of the traditional granulator for roller extrusion.It has advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, novel and practical, low energy consumption. It can form a small production line with the corresponding equipment. It can form a certain capacity of continuous and mechanized production. Adopting healthy formula, no need for drying, normal temperature production, product rolling forming, make product quality meet the technical requirements of compound fertilizer, is used for the production of various crops high, medium and low concentration of special compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer industry energy saving and consumption reduction replacement products.

Performance characteristics

  1. The kinetic energy transfer is increased to five slots triangle belt, which fully transfers the motor power and reduces the kinetic energy loss.
  2. The reducer adopts the independent research and development design of our company, with high transmission efficiency and stable kinetic energy.
  3. Design the feeding and stirring mechanism to ensure that the material can enter the roller die evenly and prevent the feeding mouth from blocking.
  4. Both sides of the lower end of the roller skin mold are equipped with automatic cleaning scraper to prevent materials from sticking to the roller skin.

Working principle

This series of roller granulation belongs to extrusion sliding model, whose working principle is: the belt and belt pulley are driven by an electric motor, and transmitted to the drive shaft by reducer, and work in the same direction through the open gear and the passive shaft.The material is added from the feed hopper, extruded by the roller, demoded and pelleted, and passed through a pair of chains to the crushing screen studio, where the finished product pellets (balls) are screened and separated, and then the material is returned and mixed with new materials for granulation.With the continuous rotation of the motor and the continuous entry of materials, mass production can be realized.

Product Parameter


ModelPower(kw)Granule Diameter(mm)Roller Sheet Size(mm)Dimensions(mm)


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