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Chain Crusher

Production Capacity: 8-15t/h

Matching Power: 11kw

Applicable Materials: The broken mass of the compound fertilizer.


Product introduction

A chain crusher, also known as a vertical chain crusher, is a type of fertilizer crushing equipment that is commonly used in the fertilizer industry. It is designed to crush large lumps or blocks of fertilizer raw materials into small particles, making them suitable for further processing.

Performance characteristics

  1. Double rotor structure, each rotor shaft has its own drive motor, the circumferential speed of the chain head.
  2. The machine consists of a feed port, a body, a discharge port, a rotor (including bearings), a transmission and a damper.
  3. In order to prevent the friction between the adhesive and the steel plate of the body, a rubber plate is lined in the machine body, and a quick opening type access door is arranged on both sides of the body.

Working principle

  • The working principle of a chain crusher is relatively simple. It consists of a horizontal, continuous, and rotating chain that is fitted with crushing blades.
  • When the chain crusher is started, the chain begins to rotate, and the blades attached to it start moving back and forth. The raw materials are fed into the crusher through a hopper or a conveyor. As the raw materials enter the crusher, they come into contact with the rotating chain and blades, which crush them against a steel cage.
  • The rotating chain and blades generate a powerful force that crushes the raw materials into small particles. The size of the particles can be controlled by adjusting the gap between the blades and the cage.
  • The crushed material is then discharged through the bottom of the crusher, either by gravity or by a discharge mechanism, such as a screw conveyor or a belt conveyor.

Product Parameter

ModelPower(kw)Production Capacity(t/h)Feed Grain Size(mm)Output Particle Size(mm)


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