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Double Roller Granulator

Farms, Energy & Mining

Raw Material:

Poultry manure, Sludge waste, Urea



Particle diameter:


The Double Roller Granulator is a specialized equipment used for granulating materials. It features a unique design with two rollers that apply pressure to compact and shape the materials into granules. With its efficient and reliable performance, the Double Roller Granulator is widely used in industries such as fertilizer production, mining, and chemical processing. Its ability to produce high-quality granules with controlled size and density makes it a valuable tool for enhancing production efficiency and optimizing material utilization.

Application of Double Roller Granulator

The Double Roller Granulator finds extensive applications in various industries, offering numerous benefits and value. Some key applications include:


  • Fertilizer Production: Our granulation equipment is extensively used in the fertilizer industry to produce high-quality granular fertilizers from a variety of raw materials, including ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, and phosphorous and potassium compounds.
  • Mining and Mineral Processing: Our specialized granulator plays a crucial role in the mining industry, enhancing efficiency by agglomerating and granulating mineral ores and concentrates. This improves handling, transportation, and downstream processing, leading to increased productivity.
  • Chemical Industry: Our advanced granulation technology finds wide application in the chemical industry, enabling the granulation of powdered materials for easier handling, storage, and precise dosing. It contributes to seamless chemical processes and formulations.
  • Pharmaceutical Applications: Our granulator is trusted in the pharmaceutical industry for its ability to granulate powders and formulate solid dosage forms. The resulting granules exhibit uniform size, density, and ensure consistent drug content and release profiles.
  • Recycling and Waste Management: Our versatile granulator is an invaluable tool in recycling and waste management processes, efficiently converting industrial byproducts and waste materials into granules. This enables easy handling, storage, and utilization, promoting sustainability.
  • Food and Feed Industry: Our granulation technology is widely adopted in the food and feed industries to granulate food additives, nutritional supplements, and components for animal feed. The resulting granules offer improved handling, flowability, and precise blending for optimal formulations.

Raw Materials For Granulator

The Double Roller Granulator is compatible with a wide range of raw materials, making it a versatile choice for different industries. Some common raw materials used with the Double Roller Granulator include:

  1. Fertilizer Materials: It is commonly used in the production of granular fertilizers from materials such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, urea, and other nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compounds.

  2. Mineral Powder: The Double Roller Granulator is suitable for granulating various mineral powders, including metal oxides, coal dust, limestone, gypsum, and more.

  3. Chemical Materials: It finds application in the chemical industry for granulating materials like PVC resin, carbon black, and other chemical compounds.

  4. Organic Materials: Organic materials such as compost, biofertilizers, and livestock manure can be granulated using the Double Roller Granulator.

  5. Recycling Materials: It can process recycling materials like municipal solid waste, organic waste, and industrial byproducts, converting them into valuable granules.


Technical Features Of Double Roller Granulator

  • Unique Double Roller Design: The Double Roller Granulator is equipped with two counter-rotating rollers that exert pressure on the raw materials, ensuring efficient and uniform granulation.

  • Adjustable Roller Gap: The roller gap can be easily adjusted to control the size and density of the granules produced, allowing for precise customization based on specific requirements.


  • High Granulation Efficiency: The Double Roller Granulator offers high granulation efficiency, thanks to its compacting and shaping action that enhances the agglomeration of the raw materials.

  • Wide Range of Capacity: It is available in various models with different production capacities, allowing for scalability and adaptation to specific production requirements.

  • Robust Construction: The Double Roller Granulator is built with sturdy materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance even in demanding industrial environments.

Working Principle Of Double Roller Granulator

The Double Roller Granulator operates based on the principle of extrusion and granulation. The raw materials are fed into the gap between two counter-rotating rollers. As the rollers rotate, they exert pressure on the materials, forcing them to undergo plastic deformation.

During this process, the fine powders or small particles are compacted and adhere together to form larger granules. The compacting action also helps in shaping the granules. The size and density of the granules can be adjusted by controlling the roller gap.

The rotation of the rollers moves the granules forward through the machine. As they move, the granules are further densified and rounded due to the continuous pressure and shaping effect of the rollers.

The granules produced by the Double Roller Granulator are uniform in size and have good strength. They can be further processed, such as drying or coating, or used directly as a final product.

The working principle of the Double Roller Granulator ensures efficient and uniform granulation, offering advantages such as controlled granule size, improved handling properties, and enhanced product quality in various industries.

Double Roller Granulator Specifications & Price

ModelPower(kw)Granule Diameter(mm)Roller Sheet Size(mm)Dimensions(mm)

Double Roller Granulator Price

The price of a Double Roller Granulator can vary depending on factors such as capacity, configuration, and additional features. It is recommended to contact suppliers or manufacturers directly to get accurate and up-to-date pricing information. We can provide you with specific details based on your requirements and offer the most competitive prices for the Double Roller Granulator.

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